Jonathan Wateridge - Contemporary Artists

Jungle Scene With Plane Wreck

Jungle Scene With Plane Wreck The Saatchi Gallery

Jonathan Wateridge

Jungle Scene With Plane Wreck

Oil on canvas

272 x 400 cms

“My paintings construct images you feel you could have seen before. They play on a sense of the familiar. Jungle Scene With Plane Wreck is the last painting from a series of landscapes of forgotten disasters that were originally inspired by zoological habitats and dioramas, or the painted backdrops you see in museum displays. It’s essentially a B-movie aesthetic meets the Sublime. They all contain wrecks of obsolete modernist engineering rotting away in fictional landscapes. I started this painting by making a scale model of the scene – I built a plane and wrecked it – and worked directly from the miniature. This allows me to think of my work in relation to cinematography. Akin to making a film, I can compose the image and direct the lighting as I see fit.”
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