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Entre Dos Aguas

Entre Dos Aguas The Saatchi Gallery

Jorge Mayet

Entre Dos Aguas

Electrical wire, paper, acrylics, fabric.

33 x 100 x 20 cm

As a Cuban exile living in Mallorca, Jorge Mayet’s photographic memory has allowed him to conceive startlingly realistic landscapes and natural forms based on visions of his distant home country. Lifelike trees stand in for the artist’s feelings of nostalgia and yearning for his geographic and spiritual homeland. Nourished by memories and experiences, his work seeks to retain the essence of the Cuban landscape in its romantic and mystical guises. In Mayet’s allegorical language, nature and artifice are combined in an enigmatic atmosphere, his ephemeral sculptures having grown out of a unique sense of civilisation’s folkloric cultures. Compelled by the socio-political raptures that disrupt the relations between populations and their habitual environments, the artist creates rootless tree forms that never seem to touch the ground as if in constant transition.
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