Juliana Cerqueira Leite - Contemporary Artists


Oh The Saatchi Gallery

Juliana Cerqueira Leite


Latex, cheesecloth

214 x 214 x 214 cm

“I like thinking about physics: what would our bodies look like if time didn’t separate our actions? I started Oh by standing in front of a wall with pencils in my hands and traced the area all around me as far as I could reach without moving my feet. The diameter of what you can touch around yourself is surprisingly spherical. I wanted to make an object that would materialise that space. I made an 8x8’ octagonal room with a small hole at the top that I could enter through and layered the inside with 2 tons of clay that I pushed and dragged away from myself until it recreated that sphere of reach. I then painted the interior with latex to cast the ‘balloon’. I tried inflating it, but it’s too heavy to hold air and I like the form as a sculptural object in itself. It’s like an entity or an organic mass and becomes warped by the weight of itself. I see it as a volume defined by the potential of touch.”
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