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Made To Wait

Made To Wait The Saatchi Gallery

Karla Black

Made To Wait

Cellophane, sellotape, paint, toothpaste, hair gel, nail varnish, moisturising cream

304 x 748 x 3 cm

Spanning the gallery as a floating ‘painting’, Black’s Made To Wait hovers in the space less as an object than a screen: an almost invisible field of cellophane, a translucent divide or portal that makes the view through it seem strangely distant or unreal. The bottom edge of the sheeting is coated in paint, interspersed with common drug store cosmetics: tooth-paste, moisturiser, hair gel, and nail varnish, creamy substances of surface beauty. For Black, these materials become synonymous with a civlised veneer; an allusion to painting, as well as to personal maintenance and improvement, converging subconscious expression with actual embodiment. In Made To Wait these ideas become inherent, almost as an anchor, in the piece’s literal and metaphoric suspension which blurs the bounds between perception and introspection, self-cognition and otherness.
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