Karla Black - Contemporary Artists

Unpreventable Within (and detail)

Unpreventable Within (and detail) The Saatchi Gallery

Karla Black

Unpreventable Within (and detail)

Cling film, baby oil, paint

59 x 824 x 303 cm

Black’s approach to sculpture is often described as holistic: her assemblages are more than the sum of their parts, each element interconnects physical, psychological, and theoretical stimuli which are both self-referential and relate to art as a wider-world experience. Her work absorbs art historical influences such as Joseph Beuys’s social sculpture and Eva Hesse’s organic minimalism. In Unpreventable Within, a large blanket of cling film is draped across the floor; a watery, landscape terrain, it evokes both vulnerability and protection. Coated with baby oil gel and paint, the liquid balms the surface and collects in its crevices as pools, creating a microcosmic ecology suggestive of generation and sustainability.
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