Martin Kippenberger - Contemporary Artists

Untitled (Floating Figures)

Untitled (Floating Figures) The Saatchi Gallery

Martin Kippenberger

Untitled (Floating Figures)

Oil on Canvas

170 x 183cm

Borrowing equally from graffiti and traditional avant garde painting O.T.’s strange floating figures are reminiscent of surrealist artists such as Joan Miro, while its impoverished style and construction keeps in line with Martin Kippenberger’s populist values.

By piecing together 7 canvases, Martin Kippenberger creates the illusion of grandeur - an image too enormous to be contained in just one. Untitled trades in high-art esteem for a certain comic brutality; it’s beautiful and stupid at the same time, a re-invention of abstract painting for a sophisticated and grown-up Hanna-Barbara generation.
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