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Washzert Suisse

Washzert Suisse The Saatchi Gallery

Kristin Baker

Washzert Suisse

Acrylic on mylar

304.8 x 198.1 cm

Grand Prix anorak Kristin Baker paints for the thrill of the moment. Encouraged by her love of automotive racing, her large-scale abstractions appropriate every essence of high-octane drive. Suggesting the view from a Formula 1 car, Washzert Suisse advances with split-second tension: planes of translucent hues overlap as fragments of speeding light, freezing adrenaline rush as an aesthetic sublime. Using the unlikely subject of mechanical perfection as a metaphor for painting, Baker’s work explores the limits of commitment, focus, and endurance, her canvases poetically capturing an ambience of glamour and spirituality.
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