Lara Schnitger - Contemporary Artists

Lost Hippie

Lost Hippie The Saatchi Gallery

Lara Schnitger

Lost Hippie

Fabric, wood, necklace, scarves, watches, earrings, pins

211 x 119 x 75 cm

Using craft media, Lara Schnitger’s portrayals of cultural stereotypes are constructed as homespun ‘truths’, made more ’endearing’ and identifiable through their beguiling materials. Standing as aggrandised puppets, her figures are abstracted exaggerations confronting preconceptions and prejudices. Lost Hippie lumbers as a lumpy elephant of obsolescence, a virtual caravan of faded patchwork and love-bead nostalgia. An effigy of bygone innocent and idealism, Lost Hippie is met with satirical contempt and suspicion.
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