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It Happened In The Corner…

It Happened In The Corner… The Saatchi Gallery


It Happened In The Corner…

Plaster, wax, foam, hair, clothes

180 x 200 x 150 x cm approx

Hailing from Glasgow, littlewhitehead take their inspiration from the city’s working class and post-industrial culture. Their darkly humorous sculptures provocatively explore the phenomenon of violence as an increasingly normalised means to identity and community. It Happened In The Corner... is an installation of a gang of hoodies congregated in ominous thug-pack stance. In their presence, the viewer is made a complicit witness or bystander to banal terror, while the predators are similarly made victims, eerily silenced and stilled, ever relegated to the corner: ostracising and punitive, a haunting site of Blair Witch-cycle urban-legend monstrosity.
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