Maaike Schoorel - Contemporary Artists

The Picnic

The Picnic The Saatchi Gallery

Maaike Schoorel

The Picnic

oil on canvas

137 x 203 cm

Maaike Schoorel’s canvases are near invisible planes which invite sustained contemplation; from their soft, barely perceptible tones images will begin to appear, and eventually resolve as quite detailed scenes. Schoorel’s painterly apparitions are a result of the power of suggestion, her delicate gestures and subtly shifting hues provide only the scantest impressions, provoking the viewer’s subconscious to cogitate the visual cues. When looking at her paintings, not everyone sees the same things at first: your eye might catch a glimpse of a red apple which may lead you on to notice the shade of someone’s eye or hair, or vice versa. Schoorel sees her work as a way to explore the hierarchy of perception.
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