Maaike Schoorel - Contemporary Artists

The Visit

The Visit The Saatchi Gallery

Maaike Schoorel

The Visit

oil on canvas

164 x 244.5 cm

Though Schoorel’s paintings are developed from photographs, how she interprets these is very intuitive, as is the decision about what information to include or omit. Each brush mark and gesture is designed to refute concrete resolution; some appear as impalpable shadows or stains, while others have a slightly holographic effect. Schoorel drafts The Visit with an expert understanding of colour, and uses minute shifts in tone to magnify her painting’s ambience and evoke psychological reaction. “The colours come to you like music comes to you,” Schoorel explains. Her paintings are often initially ‘felt’ before they are ‘seen’; they provoke a subconscious recognition before they are understood visually.
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