Mark Grotjahn - Contemporary Artists

Untitled (Black and Cream Butterfly)

Untitled (Black and Cream Butterfly) The Saatchi Gallery

Mark Grotjahn

Untitled (Black and Cream Butterfly)

Crayon and mixed media on board

122 x 89 cm

Mark Grotjahn’s Untitled (Black and Cream Butterfly) combines the hard-edge of op art with the transcendental delicacy of abstract expressionism. Using crayon for its heavy waxy texture, Grotjahn’s black propeller forms cut through the mottled white ground as oscillating voids. Dividing the canvas down the centre with a razor like line, Grotjahn slices the vanishing point so that the bands on the left converge slightly lower than those on the right. Through this asymmetrical composition and ‘unstable’ medium Grotjahn creates a visually powerful emblem that’s both domineering and irresolute.
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