Mark Grotjahn - Contemporary Artists

Untitled (Face)

Untitled (Face) The Saatchi Gallery

Mark Grotjahn

Untitled (Face)

Oil on cardboard on linen on canvas

152.4 x 129.5cm

Expanding from the highly polished Butterfly paintings for which he is renowned, Grotjahn’s Untitled (Face) gets back to painting’s basics, extolling an immediacy which is radically different from his signature style. Executed on a sheet of torn cardboard mounted to a canvas, Grotjahn retains his radiant band motif complicating it with repetitively drawn, vicious-looking eyes, noses, and mouths. His thick, hurried brush marks sketch out the form with a primal celerity, re-conceiving his op-art mandala as something ritualistic and totemic.
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