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Untitled (Lavender Butterfly Jacaranda over Green)

Untitled  (Lavender Butterfly Jacaranda over Green) The Saatchi Gallery

Mark Grotjahn

Untitled (Lavender Butterfly Jacaranda over Green)

Oil on Linen

178 x 89 cm

Using natural phenomenon as a starting point for abstraction, Mark Grotjahnā€™s paintings straddle the polarities of artifice and nature. In Untitled (Lavender Butterfly Jacaranda over Green), his
efferent composition conveys a sensation of sublime weightless energy through simplified form. Similarly, his process and title reference the romantic vision of blooming jacaranda flowers:
revealing only a hint of green under-painting, his canvas explodes in a torrent of purple hue. Transferring the experience of observation to an intrigue of creative possibility, Grotjahn harnesses the mysticism of nature through aesthetic formality.
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