Mark Grotjahn - Contemporary Artists

Untitled (White Butterfly)

Untitled (White Butterfly) The Saatchi Gallery

Mark Grotjahn

Untitled (White Butterfly)

oil on linen

182.9 x 61 cm

In Mark Grotjahn’s Untitled (White Butterfly) bands of milky pigment expand from the centre as rays of blinding light, drawing connotations of speed, virtual space, and religiosity in their sumptuous satiny finish. Within the intense concentration of Grotjahn’s monochrome, subtle diversity of hue, texture, and tone emerge as an infinite expansion. Recalling a wide range of artistic reference - from Malevich’s white on white compositions, Newman’s mystical
colour fields, to El Greco’s elongated Ascension - Grotjahn fuses past and present with a timeless spirituality.
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