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You're Just A Pair Of Flabby Wings

You're Just A Pair Of Flabby Wings The Saatchi Gallery

Mark Pearson

You're Just A Pair Of Flabby Wings

Aluminium foil, timber gloss paint, German beer mugs, brass, customised plinth

190 x 40 x 31 cm

Describing his work as “testosterone-fuelled anger management,” Mark Pearson explores themes of masculinity, class, power and British identity through the rough DIY aesthetic of his sculptures. Pearson often uses German motifs as loaded provocateurs, entwining middle England’s nostalgia for war era nationalism with the skewed values of contemporary yob culture. Posing with the exaggerated insolence of punk, Pearson’s intentionally trashy assemblages humorously reconstruct pomp and heraldry with derogatory relish. In You’re Just A Pair of Flabby Wings, a make-shift squat-decor ‘column’ is emblazoned with impoverished ‘noble’ crests; it supports a modest collection of Oktoberfest beer steins and a Brandenberg eagle crafted from turkey foil, creating a feeble icon of Mosley-esque working-class sedition.
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