Martin Maloney - Contemporary Artists

Slade Gardens, SW9, 1995

Slade Gardens, SW9, 1995 The Saatchi Gallery

Martin Maloney

Slade Gardens, SW9, 1995

Vinyl collage

305 x 792 cm

With his first foray into large-scale collage, Martin Maloney replicates painting with thousands of individual pieces cut from coloured sticky-backed vinyl. He shares the secret of paint: a large pink mass for a face, a splotch of white and a line of yellow for a highlight, two semicircles of blue for eyeshadow. Loads of little stringy bits clumped together make a shaggy dog. This leisurely day in the park just isn’t as easy as it looks: this process is as intricate and labour intensive as assembling a Ravenna mosaic.
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