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The Benjamins

The Benjamins The Saatchi Gallery

Matthew Monahan

The Benjamins

mixed media

215 x 27 x 27 cm

Placed within a 2 tiered structure, Matthew Monahan’s The Benjamins suggests a decrepit power. Posed with Soviet-style glory, mutated figures toil and salute, weathered emblems of a fictitious nation, both barbaric and industrious. Exposing all the evidence of their clumsy making, Monahan invents a parallel world where the artist is creator and conjurer of nightmarish fantasy. Riddled with dark humour, Monahan’s shrunken monument offers a sinister element in its parody propaganda. Abject and absurd, The Benjamins brings to mind whispered lore of Amazonia, voodoo dolls, and witchcraft, contriving monster lore from recent history.
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