Matthew Brannon - Contemporary Artists

Sick Whore

Sick Whore The Saatchi Gallery

Matthew Brannon

Sick Whore

Silkscreen on paper

76 x 58.5 cm

Matthew Brannon’s prints convey a poetic distillation. Conjuring a complete image from the most meagre information, the ‘messaging’ of Brannon’s images is transferred through their subtlety of form. Situated between luxurious refinement and divested replication, Brannon adopts the associations of design to comment on psychology as by-product of consumer environment. In Sick Whore, Brannon underscores a spindly plant with an abject description or insult. Embossed with the finality of an epitaph, Brannon sums up a totality of a frail, abused, and embarrassing existence.
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