Matthew Monahan - Contemporary Artists

Blindness is Believing

Blindness is Believing The Saatchi Gallery

Matthew Monahan

Blindness is Believing

mixed media

250 x 50 x 37 cm

Matthew Monahan’s work resides in a realm of paradox: his subject matter and materials transcend logical expectation, creating mysterious fictions from formalist play. Untitled shows an ambiguous figure: rough-hewn with metallic sheen, itshero wavers between ancient explorer and space-age cyborg. Teetering atop a geometric column, Monahan incorporates the idea of the traditional plinth as a device that both frames the figure as an icon, and evokes a cross-section of icy terrain. Supported by an elongated walking stick, Matthew Monahan’s sculpture proposes a vivacity of movement and precarious weight of solid metal. The figure is in fact made from paper, folded into a 3 dimensional form.
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