Matthew Monahan - Contemporary Artists

F Minor I and II

F Minor I and II The Saatchi Gallery

Matthew Monahan

F Minor I and II

Ink on paper

Two parts, each 175 x 81.5 cm

Presented as a diptych, Matthew Monahan’s F Minor I and II conveys a fossil-like effect, as if describing two halves of a long absent presence. In the drawing on the left, an image of an animistic deity can be made out in the angular patterning, while the striated abstraction on the right suggests a tomb-like moulding from which it is derived. Replicating the aesthetics of stone rubbings or x-rays, Monahan transcribes the physicality of sculptural space into two dimensional form. Flaunting the versatility of ink, organic washes bleed beneath areas of condensed cracquelure, creating a negative impression that is simultaneously visceral and technological.
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