Nicholas Byrne - Contemporary Artists

Untitled (Boy)

Untitled (Boy) The Saatchi Gallery

Nicholas Byrne

Untitled (Boy)

oil on linen on board on wooden supports

173.5 x 57 cm

“The paintings are loaded like ‘portraits’. They’re hung at head height and address people on this level, but for my part, I mean to keep an active subjectivity from one work to the next. In these small works I wanted to say something simple and balanced like ‘think of a head’. But the idea of a ‘head’ could be anything: be a collar, or arches, or a flower. Each time I tried to put this into a particular kind of physical negotiation. Untitled (Boy) is held in the frame by an arch of stiletto shapes. They are painted on thin supports, quite flimsy and highly-strung. They are intentionally made to seem insubstantial, perhaps not totally solid or stable. When I originally showed these works, the series was suspended on wooden supports in a concertina running through the gallery. Untitled (Boy) was the most complete image – a final figure in a melodramatic parade.”
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