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Untitled (Collar)

Untitled (Collar) The Saatchi Gallery

Nicholas Byrne

Untitled (Collar)

oil on linen on board on wooden supports

50.5 x 35.5 cm

“When I was making this Untitled series I was sharing a studio with four artists who were making installation set-plays and film and this informed my approach to these works,” Nicholas Byrne explains. “It was important to me that the paintings evoked a visual response that was similar to how we appreciate the physical sensation of an object. Untitled (Collar) is small scale and conveys a kind of privacy. You might think of a surrealist tradition of game-play, where bodies cross into objects. I suppose these diamond shapes could be the teeth of a stylus or comb. A feeling of tension might arise, where optically the shapes and colours would promise to fold or collapse. The paintings are presented on architectural supports as I wanted them to demonstrate something physically active.”
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