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The Near And Elsewhere

The Near And Elsewhere The Saatchi Gallery

Nick Goss

The Near And Elsewhere

Oil on canvas

180 x 300 cm

Like oases that shimmer promisingly in the distance Nick Goss’s scenes deny concrete resolution, existing instead on the fringes of memory and imagination. Deception of scale is important to Goss’s work: conveying the sensitivity of aggrandised watercolours, his canvases create a sense of disorientation, as if their infinite expanse might be an illusion, painted from miniature sets. This fragility resounds throughout Goss’s canvases as a metaphor for the theme of man against nature; each of his motifs suggests relics of a built environment, abandoned, overgrown, and decayed. In The Near And Elsewhere, Goss renders a piazza and monument in a jungle, disintegrating eerily in sepia tones. The faint image of the Mickey Mouse statue in the centre of the painting is from a photograph Goss took at a fairground deep within Bolivia’s Amazon Forest.
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