Pablo Bronstein - Contemporary Artists

Elevation And Interior Of Historic Building

Elevation And Interior Of Historic Building The Saatchi Gallery

Pablo Bronstein

Elevation And Interior Of Historic Building

Ink & gouache on paper in artist’s frame

33 x 40.5 cm

Bronstein uses architecture as a means to engage with power: of history, monuments, and the built environment. Using pen and ink on paper, his acutely drafted drawings capture an archival romance of a grand age, a nostalgic longing for the imposing and imperial. Adopting the styles of various architects and movements, his elaborate designs become plausible inventions, both paying homage to and critiquing the emblems of civil engineering. In Elevation and Interior of Historic Building, Bronstein’s plan borders on abstraction. Depicting the history of architecture from a simple hole in the ground to a hut, Byzantine temple, Baroque cathedral, enshrined in the cold industrial shell of a modernist shed, Bronstein dissects the lineage of ideas and ideologies, all pastiched together with a dandyish pomo flair.
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