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Night Life

Night Life The Saatchi Gallery

Phoebe Unwin

Night Life

Oil on canvas

50 x 40 cm

“One of the most important things to say about this painting is that it is small in relation to my other paintings here”, Unwin says. “It is between A4 and A3 size. I point this out because I tend to change the scale of my work depending on the subject. I find the physical relationship a viewer has to a painting is a significant factor. Night Life is a head that is almost human size and I think it is this that makes it feel quite intimate and, I hope, have some kind of human presence; encouraging an intimate visual conversation for the viewer. I think that if this painting were big it would become more of an image of a head, like the distanced and powerful feeling of a billboard picture. The blues of this oil painting are so deep they are almost black. The mood and the head are one. This is a painting of no one in particular and I like to think that the gender is indeterminate too- it is a person barely visible in the dark.”
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