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Falling Sunglasses

Falling Sunglasses The Saatchi Gallery

Phoebe Unwin

Falling Sunglasses

Oil on canvas

120 x 170 cm

“I find it exciting to think that anything can be in a painting: a valuable subject need not be a grand idea, an especially significant moment, a pose or an accurate documentation,” Unwin says. “In Falling Sunglasses, I was excited by the challenge of how I might visually explain movement, heat, light, casualness and a moment of lying down but about to get up. The sunglasses are repeated, as a film is constructed, and the lenses are not black as you might expect: some are completely gold, others silver – its more about how glasses glitter in strong light. It also felt crucial that the man’s head is not depicted, since the painting is about the moment of dropping glasses rather than a personality. I wanted to communicate the energy and atmosphere of those fragmented and horizontal views one can have whilst on a beach, half looking up from lying on a towel. The painting as a whole is monochrome to give the falling sunglasses attention and focus rather than bringing in unnecessary information about the surroundings.”
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