Michael Raedecker - Contemporary Artists


Scene The Saatchi Gallery

Michael Raedecker


Acrylic and Thread on Linen

50 x 60cm

In scene, Michael Raedecker paints the ghost of a house, its banal form conspicuous by its absence. Raedecker consciously omits the building; the subject of his painting becomes the mysterious space surrounding the known. Raedecker subverts the banality of the scene through the organic turbulence of embroidered detail. The surface of his painting is a microcosm of quiet disorder. Carefully crafted flowers and the precision of taught threads constructing the architecture lend a surreal element in their fuzzy texture; the mass of string composing the tree spills haphazardly over the canvas, trailing lines and fissures both above and beneath the paint. On close inspection, Michael Raedecker’s paintings offer a quiet topography in their surfaces, revealing an inner-life to scenes of common placidity.
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