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Drawing Room Study 4

Drawing Room Study 4 The Saatchi Gallery

Robert Fry

Drawing Room Study 4

Acrylic, oil and marker pen on canvas

198 x 163 cm

“Etching can involve a vast amount of precision and technique and has its constraints. The immediacy of painting is very different; these works express a kind of freeness and looseness in the way paint is applied. They attempt to embrace the versatility and multitude of ways in which paint can be used. I’m fascinated by the spectrum of paint as a medium, its vastness and its complexity. Drawing Room Study 4 repeatedly engages different materials within the composition. It attempts to achieve meaning through their varied application, and create relationships between the properties of the materials that construct the work. The Drawing Room Study series are equally concerned with the way they’re made as the themes the pictures explore; it’s perhaps indistinguishable as to which is of greater importance.”
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