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Drawing Room Study 7

Drawing Room Study 7 The Saatchi Gallery

Robert Fry

Drawing Room Study 7

Acrylic and oil on canvas

198 x 163 cm

Robert Fry’s Drawing Room Study series evolved from a group of etchings he made in 2005. For the etchings Fry drew himself drawing a model. Fry reworks these compositions in his paintings: In Drawing Room Study 7, two figures are positioned to mirror each other, bound by the strange intimacy of their relationship. Fry renders this scene as a site riddled with contradictions and tension. Engulfed in a calming purple-ish field, the bodies are made to seem visceral and crude, suggesting both a physical and emotional energy. “I try to create a relationship between the physicality of materials and psychological terrains,” Fry says. “I’m interested in conveying a slightly brutal picture of the human condition.”
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