Robert Fry - Contemporary Artists

Purple Study 3

Purple Study 3 The Saatchi Gallery

Robert Fry

Purple Study 3

Acrylic, gloss paint and oil on canvas

198 x 163 cm

“In the Purple Study 3 the suspended central figure is barely conceivable as a figure, yet the painting retains a figurative quality. In the painting two figures are still in dialogue facing one another but have become significantly abstracted. In this work there is a clear relation between figuration and abstraction and I like the idea of making spaces for the viewer to fit something into. Here the space under the suspended torso is like a broken down body. The two circles that sit on either side of the vertical lines describe nipples. I’m interested in reducing and removing key elements of the figure, forcing the viewer into a position of including their imagination in the incomplete image of the human form.”
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