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Purple Study 5

Purple Study 5 The Saatchi Gallery

Robert Fry

Purple Study 5

Acrylic, oil, enamel, gloss paint and marker pen on canvas

198 x 163 cm

ā€œIā€™m attempting to encompass a plethora of media in my practice as a painter. Purple Study 5 is constructed from 6 different materials. For example, the oval form at the top of the canvas containing scribbles is drawn in marker pen, the text is enamel, and the red border is oil. Through their quality as a raw material, their application and form, these all communicate with the viewer in different ways, as well as with one another within the composition. At the heart of this is a concentrated engagement with the scope of painting. The self-deconstruction of painting is of huge importance to my work. Purple Study 5 is about paint, painting, scale and colour.ā€
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