Christoph Ruckhäberle - Contemporary Artists


Untitled The Saatchi Gallery

Christoph Ruckhäberle


Oil on canvas

190 x 280cm

In Untitled, Christoph Ruckhaberle’s figures languish with models’ detached poise; his sybaritic group is neutrally depersonalised as compositional study. Christoph Ruckhaberle renders his characters as emotionally self-contained objects of fetish, their interaction limited to physical positioning: tangled masses of pink forms and dark shadows, right angle patterns of arms and legs, all melodically punctuated by colour co-ordinated accessories. Approaching his painting as a harmonised rhythm of visual components, Christoph Ruckharberle develops an aura of earthy sensuality through the qualities of abstraction and painterly surface rather than narrative characterisation. The central figure reflected in the mirror gives false promise of psychological depth: her self-contemplation reveals only a further complexity of formalist intrigue, and a teasing acknowledgement of historical lineage.
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