Dana Schutz - Contemporary Artists

Frank in the Desert

Frank in the Desert The Saatchi Gallery

Dana Schutz

Frank in the Desert

Oil on Canvas

183 x 137cm

Held hostage on a fictional desert island in Dana Schutz’s imagination, Frank is painted repeatedly, his lonely shipwrecked life put under the constant scrutiny of her brush. Obsessively reinventing his nature to her whim; Dana Schutz’s resulting paintings play out the dynamics of power struggle between creator and invention. In Frank in the Desert, Frank is now a hairy wild man, the do-gooder care worker or renegade ecologist
of female fantasy. Dana Schutz paints her victim with sly familiarity: he’s fed up with the joke. Schutz retaliates
by giving him sunburnt and blistered arms.
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