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Frying Fish

Frying Fish The Saatchi Gallery

Sigrid Holmwood

Frying Fish

Fluorescent egg tempera, bohemian green earth egg tempera; verdigris, cochineal, lead white, lead antimonate, raw umber,bohemian green earth, Spanish red ochre in oils on board

110 x 122 cm

In England Holmwood is a member of a Tudor re-enactment group; at their meetings, held at historical preservation sites around the country, they live an authentic 16th c lifestyle and re-learn the life-skills of the past. “We don’t pretend to be in the olden days,” Holmwood makes clear. “We are modern people discovering how things work through doing it.” The group collaborates in historical research and shares their knowledge. In the club, which includes ironmongers, leatherworkers, clothes weavers, Holmwood is, of course, an Early Modern artist. Holmwood explains: “The 16th-century is technically Early Modern rather than Medieval. It’s the beginnings of contemporary art. The art market and the first stock market emerged in Antwerp, and genre painting such as peasants and landscapes started to develop. The development of artists painting peasants through art history is a reflection of increasing urbanism.” Frying Fish was completed during an excursion to Avoncroft in Bromsgrove, and pictures a friend cooking kippers. Reminiscent of Gauguin’s rustic exotica, the ceramic-like painting technique replicates the actual glaze effect of the jar seen on the counter.
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