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Mother and Child

Mother and Child The Saatchi Gallery

Sigrid Holmwood

Mother and Child

Fluorescent brick red egg tempera; Cobalt turquoise, lead antimonate, red lead, lead white, Prussian blue in oils; iron oxide in soured milk on board

91 x 74 cm

Holmwood’s Swedish scenes were often developed from sketches she made of the interpreters at the Skansen Museum on the island Djurgården in Stockholm. The island houses actual historic buildings transported from all over the country. The museum’s gallery guides wear traditional dress and demonstrate antique tools and olden-day skills. Mother and Child is a portrait of a woman taking part in a live diorama in a house representing the area of Darlarna. Holmwood was interested in this scene’s suggestion of heritage, the knowledge and experience passed from one generation to the next, giving formation and grounding to contemporary identity.
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