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Sámi Couple

Sámi Couple The Saatchi Gallery

Sigrid Holmwood

Sámi Couple

Fluorescent yellow orange, fluorescent flame red egg tempera, Chrome yellow, lead white, Cochineal, madder, French ultramarine, Prussian blue, lead antimonate, Viridian in oils on board

61 x 75 cm

Sámi Couple features museum invigilators portraying the indigenous people of the northern Nordic areas in a nomadic tepee setting. Holmwood considers her work in relation to an increasing trend to “integrate history into representing everyday life,” and cites interactive museum displays and television documentaries as examples of this movement. She describes her intensive processes as an “experimental archaeology, discovering the nature of materials by really using them.” Despite her ongoing research, Holmwood’s days in her studio are mainly spent painting; extracting pigments is a long process that doesn’t require constant attention. As she often works with organic materials such as milk and eggs, she mixes her paints at the beginning of each day, but never makes notes. Her paintings often incorporate very pure pigments as composite colours can’t be exactly reproduced.
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