Terence Koh - Contemporary Artists

Big White Cock

Big White Cock The Saatchi Gallery

Terence Koh

Big White Cock

sculpture, white neon, wires

132.1 x 121.9 cm

Crowing with early-hour neon glory, Terrence Koh’s Big White Cock is everything its title suggests! Illuminating with greasy innuendos of back-alley sex shops and mega-bucket chicken shacks, Koh’s electric sign pulsates as a high-design icon glamorising the art of slumming it. Addressing issues of race, gender, and sexuality, Koh turns the coded language of sub-culture into a fetishised logo of duplicity. In sexual terms a ‘chicken’ may be a gay teen or Chinese prostitute, but sometimes a cock is just a rooster!
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