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The Liberals (3rd Version)

The Liberals (3rd Version) The Saatchi Gallery

Toby Ziegler

The Liberals (3rd Version)

Cardboard, gesso and pins

Part 1: 323 x 220 x 120 cm Part 2: 279 x 220 x 105 cm

Toby Ziegler’s paintings and sculptures engage with ideas of the exotic and synthetic. Fabricating his images and sculptural blueprints on a computer, traditional motifs such as landscapes, still lifes, and cultural artefacts are removed from the familiarity of popular consciousness and reconfigured as templates of abstracted information. Inspired by a set of Victorian Staffordshire figurines, The Liberals (3rd Version) is made from intersecting cardboard panels; the kitsch subject matter and lowly materials take on a monumental quality, like futuristically designed sphinxes.
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