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The Grand Cause

The Grand Cause The Saatchi Gallery

Toby Ziegler

The Grand Cause

Oil, pencil and gold leaf on canvas

210 x 242.5 cm

In his paintings, Ziegler carefully reproduces his digitised models entirely by hand; each painstakingly rendered shape reveals tell-tale traces of the artist’s intervention. In The Grand Cause, Ziegler’s abstracted sunset subverts the rigidity of graphic design with the spontaneity of painterly expression. Vying between concentrated detail and intuitive mark-making, the perfunctory qualities of his repetitive patterning evolve as personalised statements of authenticity and affectation. Defiling the gold leaf surface with materiality of paint, Ziegler capitalises on the rich and luxurious quality of his ground to draw connotations to beauty and the grotesque.
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