Matthias Weischer - Contemporary Artists

Untitled 11

Untitled 11 The Saatchi Gallery

Matthias Weischer

Untitled 11

Oil on Canvas

150 x 300cm

Matthias Weischer’s composite paintings readily portray space as a surreal concept. In Untitled 11, Weischer creates a scene of diametric character: a grotty alley is given the smooth lighting and design effects of an institutional interior. Viewed over a railing, his set shuffles in and out of optical perspective. Shifting between representation and abstraction, breeze blocks repeat in Op Art patterns; a wall mural is a self-contained painting within a painting. A large white tower cuts through the canvas, a haywire scribble of spatial relief. Matthias Weischer off-sets this hard-edged style with his organic treatment of the ground: thin layers of oil paint ripple with the translucence of water. Plants and bricks suggest submersion, while the realistically rendered blankets float strangely on the surface.
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