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Late Nite

Late Nite The Saatchi Gallery

Wyatt Kahn

Late Nite

Raw canvas on panel

213 x 210 cm

“I would like the viewer to experience the errors in the process that reveal my hand, and a very human experience of imperfection”.

Following the tradition of minimalist abstraction, Wyatt Kahn’s multi-panel paintings are seemingly emptied of content, yet their construction allows for a sophisticated interplay of forms to become the subject of each work.

Kahn’s work evolved from a functional desire to extend the dimensions of an existing painting by adding a second panel. When he saw how this altered the relationship between 2D and 3D, he began assembling small, irregular shaped canvases into larger, more sculptural based works. Instead of drawing out geometric shapes onto the canvas itself, he turned them into physical components, referencing the single and multiple shaped canvases of Ellsworth Kelly.
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