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Brian Griffiths


wood, various

242 x 230 x 500cm
Brian Griffiths is a backyard crusader for the sticky stuff of legend. His monumental scale sculptures are portals for adventure: cardboard box space ships, garbage bin knights, and bathroom caulking astronauts. Boneshaker is a magical time-travelling gypsy caravan, entirely constructed from tables and hand-carved wooden ornaments found in South London antique markets. Griffiths trades on the ‘secret histories’ of the second-hand conversation pieces, using their authenticity to falsify an exotic, more ‘ancient’ history of his own.
Beneath the Stride of Giants

Beneath the Stride of Giants

Brian Griffiths
Beneath the Stride of Giants



Length 12m (36ft) Width 2.5m (8ft) Hull Height 2.5m (8ft) Floor to mast height 6m (20ft) Stern Height 3.8m (12ft)
Brian Griffiths is a junk shop Viking; Beneath The Stride Of Giants is his own personal Valhalla. Working entirely with recycled materials, Griffiths’s adventure starts at second-hand furniture markets, each antique table and chiffonier is a conquest towards his ultimate campaign; his galleon is more than just a sculpture – it’s a monumental attempt to create something with real possibility.
For Griffiths it’s simply about matter over mind: mahogany veneer from the backs of Edwardian tallboys bows perfectly for the prow, a Victorian bureau makes for an ornate helm, bizarre little architectural cornices stand in for protective totems of ancient gods and monsters; the sails, made from fabric purchased at a gypsy market in Greece, were lovingly stitched together by his girlfriend.
The impedimenta of mystical voyage, the accoutrements of war; Griffiths creates an armada of imagination, a monumental epic of fantasy and legend.
Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre

Brian Griffiths
Peter Lorre


12 heads plaster and mixed media

28 x 16 x 14cm
Installed like gargoyles, Peter Lorre Time Machine is a series of casts taken from the Hollywood actor’s death mask. Each bust has been dressed to suggest traditional costumes from different historical periods. Norman soldier, Viking, Pharaoh and Caveman accessories have been fashioned from ornate crockery and cheap costume props. Each make-over or new role given to Lorre appears like a belated attempt to breathe life into the character actor’s inanimate features.

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Brian Griffiths's BIOGRAPHY

Born in 1969, Stratford-Upon-Avon
Lives and works in London


The Invisible Show, Vilma Gold, London
Galeria Luisa Strina, São Paulo

Grimm Gallery, Asmterdam

Another End, Vilma Gold, London

The Only Living, Greenland Street, A Foundation, Liverpool
Life is a Laugh, Platform for Art Commission, London
Beneath the Stride of Giants, Fabrica, Brighton
The Man Who Loved Islands, Arnolfini, Bristol

My Beloved Traitor, Luisa Strina, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Some Unaccountable Blindness, The Breeder, Athens
Beneath the Stride of Giants, Camden Arts Centre, London (cat.)

When the World Was Young, Vilma Gold, London

Brian Griffiths, Galeria Luisa Strina, Sao Paolo, Brazil (cat.)
Brian Griffiths, MCMagma, Milan

When Few Were Charmed, Vilma Gold, London

Once Upon a Star, One in the Other, London

Brian Griffiths, Habitat, London


The Curator's Egg - Altera Pars, Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London

Tarot, Hayward Touring Exhibition, Focal Point Gallery
Friendship of the Peoples, Simon Oldfield, London
Fountain Show, Dispari and Dispari Project, Italy
The Extension, Vilma Gold, London

Recent British Sculpture, Grimm Gallery, Amsterdam
Extra Ordinary, Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool
Rude Britannia: British Comic Art, Tate Britain, London
British Art Show 7: In the Days of the Comet, Hayward Touring Exhibition, touring to: Nottingham (Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham Castle Museum, New Art Exchange),London (Hayward Gallery), Glasgow (Centre for Contemporary Art, Gallery of Modern Art, Tramway), Plymouth (Peninsula Arts, Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, Royal William Yard, Plymouth College of Art)
Nothing is Impossible, The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh
Magic Show, Hayward Touring , Quad, Derby, Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool, Tulie House Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle, Chapter, Cardiff, Pump House Gallery, London
Library of Babel / In and Out of Place, 176 / Zabludowicz Collection, London

Beating the Bounds: Art Now, Tate Britain, London
Jean Luc, Opera Rock, CAPC, Bordeaux, curated by Alexis Valliant
V22 Presents: The Sculpture Show, London

100 Years, 100 Artists, 100 Works of Art: Art on the Underground, London
The Arrival: Brian Griffiths and Matthew Draper, Royal Academy Schools Gallery, Hornsey
GSK Contemporary: Event Horizon, Royal Academy, London
Forgotten Bar Project, Galerie im Regierung, Berlin
Walls Have Ears, Man & Eve, London
Lustwarande 08 – Wanderland, Fundament Foundation, Tilburg
The Brotherhood, Kunstbunker, Nuremberg
The Krautcho Club/In and Out of Place, 176 Gallery, London

Still Life, Still: Contemporary Variations, T1+2 Gallery, London
Luke Gottelier, Kate Macgarry, London. Collaboration with Luke Gottelier and Tom McCarthy on ‘Jungle Shelf’.

Brian Griffiths & Sophie von Hellermann, Vilma Gold project space, Berlin
Our Marvellous Ambition, Vilma Gold, London
60th Anniversary Exhibition, Gimpel Fils, London
Hotspotz, Kunst Der Gegenwart, Austria (cat.)
Metropolis Rise: New Art from London. Touring exhibition. Shanghai and Dashanzi International Art Festival (DIAF) Beijing (Cat)
‘Norberg-Vastmanland-Bergslagen-Sweden-Scaninavia-27 July 2006 At Lunchtime’ Sweden (Cat)
V22: Collection, New Acquisitions, V22, London
Mongrel, Gone Tomorrow Gallery, London
Scenery Presents: Picnic Area (Dumb interior), Room, Bristol

The Hardest Thing to Draw is a Kiss, The Gallery at Wimbledon School of Art, Wimbledon (cat.)
Showcase, South London Gallery, London and Talbolt Rice Gallery, Edinburgh (Cat)
Be Ready, Heart, for Parting, New Endeavour, Great Eastern Hotel, London
Think and Wonder, Museum of Childhood, London
Drawing Two Hundred. Drawing Room. London

Nocturnal Emissions, The Groninger Museum, Groninger
Shapeshifters, M-PROJECT, Paris
Death and Magic, Keith Talent Gallery, London
Belem Museum of Modern Art, Belem (cat.)
Galleon and Other Stories, The Saatchi Gallery, London
New Blood, The Saatchi Gallery, London
Tonight, Studio Voltaire, London
Moon Absinthe, Rotterdam
Collage, Bloomberg Space, London
Universal Outstretch, Flaca, London

Strange Messengers, The Breeder, Athens
The Lost Collection of An Invisible Man, The Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle

The Necessary Enemy, Bart Wells Institute, London

OPEN PLAN P3–The Marathon, Alphadelta Gallery & Artio Gallery, Athens
Tirana Biennale, Albania, UK Section
Sages, Scientists and Madmen, One in the Other, London
Just History, Tal Esther Gallery, Tel Aviv
Hemorrhaging of States, Tent, Rotterdam
Beck’s Futures 2, (touring exhibition), Institute of Contemporary Art, London. The Fruitmarket, Edinburgh & Sothebys, New York
City Racing 1988-98: A Partial Account, Institute of Contemporary Art, London

Brian Griffiths and Kenji Yanobe, Barbican Centre, London
We Live A Life Of Endless Pleasure, with David Thorpe, Film Club, Glasgow
Include me out, Unit 6 Provost Street, London
Heart and Soul, Sandoni Rey, Los Angeles
London Orphan Asylum, Mostra D’Arte Contemporanea, Milan
Don’t Worry, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London
These Epic Islands, Vilma Gold, London

Nice To Meet You, Kunstbunker, Nurmberg
Heart & Soul, Long Lane, London
The Manchurian Candidate, Ciara Ennis and David Goldenberg, London
Neurotic Realism (Part 1), The Saatchi Gallery, London

Cluster Bomb, Morrison Judd Gallery, London
Kling Klang, Frigate HMS Plymouth in association with The Tate Gallery Liverpool, Liverpool
East International, Norwich School of Art, Norwich
Ultra Gnost, Sali Gia Gallery, London
Project V – “The Future is for the Young”, Galleri Axel Morner, Stockholm
Hey, You Never Know, Kenny Schachter, New York

New Contemporaries 97, Cornerhouse, Manchester; Camden Arts Centre, London; CCA, Glasgow. Selected by Hans Ulrich Orbrist, Gillian Wearing & Sarat Maharaj.
Show 47, City Racing, London
Gonzo, Bethnal Green old Police Station, London
Transmat, One in the Other, London
Group Show, Deutsch Britische Freundschaft, London
Transatlantic, Incubator, London & Konstakuten, Stockholm
Cardboard Box and Tape, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland, curated by Kirsty Ogg
Low Maintenance, Hales Gallery, London
Debonair Goofers, Conductors Hallway, London
Life/Live, Musee d’art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris

The Dean Street Garage Sale, Soho, London, curated by Paul Morrison.
Angels, Standpoint Gallery. Shoreditch, London