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Lucy Skaer
Diagram and Banners (Blood)


Enamel Paint on Paper

220 x 270 cm
The image of a dead man, taken from a newspaper report of a riot in Mexico, lies across the top of a large, banner-like sheet of unstretched paper. A red pool of blood runs from his head, through the pattern of a Chinese bowl, to a flipped image of the same figure beneath resting on a strange grouping of modular building blocks. To Skaer, the corpse represents "a naturally occurring image, the perfect likeness of the living person, and yet fundamentally different." Like the bowl, an object spanning generations of mortality, it is removed from its historical and geographical context to allow the artist to construct a new narrative on a new timescale.
Lucy Skaer
Tragedy No Us Touched Has


Ink on paper

152.4 x 101.6 cm
Tragedy No Us Touched Has relates closely to Diagrams and Banners (Blood). It employs a similar playing card construction, pairing semi-symmetrical images of a human form lifted from photojournalistic imagery, this time a girl injured in the Bloody Sunday protests, with a delicately etched glass bowl. The bowl is drawn in pencil three times, each version layered close atop the other, to attain a blurry, optical appearance. Entwined in a sort of Venn diagram or a heraldic coat of arms, figure and object are associated by colour (the blood on the girl's face is Wedgewood blue) and design (the pattern on her clothes, the markings on its surface).

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- Artists and Artworks - Lucy Skaer
'I am interested in the idea that the corpse or cadaver is a naturally occurring image - it is the perfect likeness of the living person, and yet it has become fundamentally different.
Lucy Skaer at Doggerfisher with images and biography
Public Project by Lucy Skaer, Becks Futures 2003: shortlist - Lucy Skaer
Lucy Skaer was born in Cambridge and studied at the Glasgow School of Art. Much of her work consists of her interacting with, and changing, public spaces. - Tatlin’s Tower and the World, Lucy Skaer, Sara De Bondt and Henry VIII’s
WivesLondon Underground is pleased to announce a new poster work as part of the ongoing Platform for Art programme. The posters will appear randomly on the network over the coming few months. The posters are by emerging artist Lucy Skaer in collaboration with designer Sara De Bondt.
The poster is part of a larger project by the artist collective, Henry VIII’s Wives, of which Lucy Skaer is a member. - If You Go First And I Remain …by Lucy Skaer
Henry VIII's Wives is a collaborative group founded in 1997 based in Scotland and Scandinavia. Its members--Rachel Dagnall, Bob Grieve, Sirko Knuepfer, Simon Polli, Per Sander and Lucy Skaer--met while students in the Environmental Art Department of the Glasgow School of Art. The group was named shortly after the death of Princess Diana in September 1997. - Lucy Skaer: counter galleryby Martin Herbert
Lucy Skaer's London solo debut was entitled "The Problem in Seven Parts,'" with the ostensible problem--intimated by the fact that this exhibition of pinned-up drawings came in not seven but nine segments--being this: Skaer appreciates material facts on an individual basis, but sequential logic is anathema to her.
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