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Molly Larkey
The Revolutionary


Mixed Media and Paint

64" x 64" x 40"
Molly Larkey’s The Revolutionary playfully incorporates elements of formalist abstraction with its symbolic subject matter. Constructed from a variety of materials, Larkey gives her sculpture a rainbow treatment of brightly coloured paint, each rough hewn component compiling as a topsy-turvy monument, inciting both Modernist art history and hippie psychedelia. With her theatrical assemblage, Larkey frames these disparate ideas as humorously dysfunctional; relating the dynamics of power with the festivity of grass roots endeavour.

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Artist Statement
Each of my projects explores the breakdown of boundaries between our selves and the world that we simultaneously produce and are constructed by. I am particularly interested in the way that art can function as a locus of this breakdown, and the way that the aesthetic becomes the sublime as our experience of the world, and our formulation of selfhood, shifts in relation to our experience of art.