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SELECTED WORKS BY Steven Gontarski

Steven Gontarski
Lying Active (Dying Captive)


PVC, polyester wadding, synthetic hair and wood

193 x 193 x 53 cm
Steven Gontarski
The Fourth Prophet (through the eyes of the one left behind) I


Fibreglass and acrylic paint

211.7 x 79.1 x 56.1 cm

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Steven Gontarski (b. Philadelphia, USA, 1972) is a sculptor who deals primarily with the human figure. His most recent works depict fantastical characters - prophets and modern day ephebe taken from his own personal mythology; in fact everything Gontarski creates is part of his own fantasy space. Gontarski's power of invention and the work that it generates can be defined by general atmospheres; traces and symbols which denote particular eras or movements: there is an inclination for the romantic, a reinterpretation of neogothic themes, a sleek elegant aesthetic influenced by classical sculpture and an atmosphere reminiscent of the music and culture of the 1980's. There are also strong links with the alternative youth cultures and underground music of today.