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Tim Lokiec
MSB Mirror


Mixed media on panel

183 x 213.4 cm

Additional Information on Tim Lokiec
Modern and contemporary artists and art; Tim Lokiec - Tim Lokiec at LFL
Tim Lokiec had his second solo show in May 2005 at Zach Feuer Gallery (LFL). Using paint, crayons and pencil on paper and panel, the works combine abstract art-historical references and updated pictures of young people lounging together and interacting.
…” I was joking around with Zach about calling it like, “ The Erotic Art of Tim Lokiec”. But really there’s no title. It is kind of Erotic art though. Some of it…well most of it. But there’s more to it than just sex. - Tim Lokiec: A selection of reviews and articles
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Neither Here Nor There: The Melvins, Ipecac Recordings 2004
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