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Ship Aground
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Artist: Jian Bai Xu
Created On: 1956
Image Medium: oil on canvas
Image Dimensions: 71x49.5cm
Art work Description:
This is a lovely painting of a ship gone aground. The sky is foreboding, so, perhaps, the ship has been purposely grounded because a typhoon is in the offing, as is often the custom, here, in South China. The mix of bright colors, even in the sky, makes it really catch the eye. Even in this mix of many colors, you can still see the reflection of the ship in the standing water beneath it. Jian Bai Xu has been one of the great painters of China for the last half century. Having studied under Feng Mian Lin, in the 1940's, at the Chongqing National Art Institute and, later, in the U.S., she embarked on a prolific career. It was a time when China was still open to Western influence, and, as an instructor, Lin emphasized that art was not about painting pretty pictures but was about emotion, impression, truth. Many of her paintings have the quality and style of the great Impressionists, like Van Gogh, Monet, and Degas: this one being a perfect example. The painting measures 71 cm by 49.5 cm. It will be dismantled and rolled for shipping. Please call or email for further details and about shipping arrangements.

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