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Children of Tomorrow
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Artist: Edwarda Braanaas
Created On: 2010
Image Medium: Oil on canvas
Image Dimensions: 127X90
Art work Description:
The poster-like painting wishes to stimulate and debate issues that affect future generations, such as femininity, religion and hope for a better world. I design my paintings as an initiative towards social change, and I believe that creativity motivates man and woman to better understand responsibility and beauty in contemporary time. The painting represents four female characters, all in different stages of youth. The little four year old girl on her knees with her hands hiding her face – in fear, in grief or for fun? The young girl with the polkadotted bathingsuite is just before adolecent age, repeating the actions of her "sisters" or forrunners. The two young women, one blonde and one brunette, reminiscent of the young athletes of ancient Greece, aware of their heritage and ready to become carriers of a new world. Their faces are calm and soft, they are dressed in trendy sportswear, and printed on their clothes and on the bucket of water is a scallop with drops of water – the Christian symbol of baptism. The idea of baptism might be interpreted strictly Christian, but my purpose is to bring openness to the idea of religion and spiritual belief in a world so corrupted by it. The scallop becomes the symbol of this: a ritual blessing and a pure start. Edvarda

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