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Pra Dtaemi lifts the Chariot
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Artist: Chatchai Boonkerd
Created On: Pra Dtaemi lifts the Chariot
Image Medium: Paint and Gold Leaf on Stone
Image Dimensions: 35 x 50
Art work Description:
Pra Dtaemi lifts the Chariot - Buddhist Jataka Scene - Painting on Stone with Gold Leaf Embellishment, by Chatchai Boonkerd 2555 BE A most Inimitable and Pristinely finished Masterwork of Buddhist Mythological Art, depicting a scene from the Life of Pra Temi, who was the first of the Ten Last Lifetimes of the Lord Buddha before he was born as the Sakyamuni Buddha. Pra Temi was born as 'Kasika Racha' in the City of Varanasi. He remembered all his previous Incarnations, and saw that he was constantly falling into the Nether Hells, because he was always born as a King, and had to execute thieves and traitors , thus falling back into the Nether Hells again without end or respite. he was visited by an Angel, who whispered into his ear that he should pretend to be deaf, dumb and autistic. He did this, and it came to pass that it was decided that he was unable to become heir to the Throne. he was then to be buried alive in the wilderness, and was placed upon a chariot to be taken to his final resting place, as his parents watched sadly on. As he arrived outside of the Kingdom permieter, he jumped off the chariot and lifted it up in triumph, knowing that he was now free from all the rebirths as a King, and could now become a Lersi Sage hermit and work towards Enlightenment.

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